Grow family. Grow!

Why blog? Apparently, there are friends and family who like to hear what new adventures and fun trouble we get into. To you, our crazy family and friends, I humbly present to you: GrowFamilyGrow

I promise you long run-on sentences; appalling misuse and abuse of the English language; babbling about  parenting, adoption, family, gardening, cooking, crafting, Tucson and the Desert SW USA;  and of course whatever else strikes my fancy. Please feel free to pull up a pew and read and comment.

The only rule right now? Play nice. Oh and take a gander at the note below.

Note: I blogged in another form elsewhere, but am switching to this blog to provide a little more anonymity, not much, just a touch. From here on out we’re the Tepary Family, as in beans. Me? I’m Tepary. The big guy and my partner in crime is Green Bean, fitting given his love of that particular vegetable and the pipsqueak? She is just Bean, plain and simple, at least for now.


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