My Best First Mom.

From one of my oldest friends in this country, an adventurous, fabulous woman who also is a first mother, in response to my tentative query about her feelings on adoption:

“Don’t know how much help I’ll be but it (adoption) is a decision I have never regretted…. I would say go for it if you’re thinking about it, you have my love and support for as much as it’s worth!”

Oh, my dear it is worth everything.

We met just a few weeks after she had given birth. We were both teenagers and in our first days of college. It was an emotional time. We were best of friends throughout college and after. We’re now many miles apart, but a conversation with her never knows whether it was a day ago or two years since we talked. The importance of her opinion to me regarding adoption is huge.

Over the years we’ve talked about the adoption, about her son, about my friend’s contact or lack of with the adoptive parents. What I know is this, she loved her son and never stopped. I know it hurt when she stopped receiving updates from the adoptive parents via the agency without reason. There has been a little contact more recently I believe. My perception of her experience as a first mom in a semi-open adoption shapes a large part of my views about adoption. To my Best First Mom in adoption triad, your blessing and your enthusiasm for us to move forward on this path is huge. Thank you.


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