Book Club of One

Since I became a parent I don’t read half as much. No more lazy Sunday afternoons spent lolling around reading fiction. Lolling around reading on Sundays has been exchanged for chasing a fabulous toddler around and I wouldn’t switch it back for the world.

My reading now is snatched in between work and parenting and pretty much all the books are associated with a book club I belong to. Sometimes I just listen to audiobooks on the way to work. I’ve recently begun to squeeze in a few other books, adoption books. Other than Green, who reads for detail while I read for gist, I’m on my own in reading this genre. My own little book club of one. It is rather a limiting book club theme I guess.

The first adoption book, The Kid by Dan Savage, was great for insight pm the adoptive parent’s experience in the initial open adoption process. Not for the faint of heart mind. Dan is your common or garden syndicated sex advice columnist who happens to be gay. He is also, hysterical and maybe a touch crude. Not a book I’ll be sending off to my older relatives to get a better understanding of adoption if we proceed, but it is going to find its way on to the other side of the bed from me for Bean to read. The thing about Savage is that the writing feels honest, and not contrived. I do wonder if there is a follow up. Savage and his boyfriend adopted about ten years ago. If there is a follow up I’m getting it.



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3 responses to “Book Club of One

  1. Hey! Awesome blog, Tepary!!!!

    I read The Kid when it came out and I loved loved loved it. He’s a great, honest writer, as you say, and it was interesting to read about the open adoption process.

    Having the great fortune to know you for quite a while now, Tepary, it doesn’t surprise me that you’re approaching growing your already-fabulous family with great care and consideration. I know that arriving at the decision to adopt has been a thoughtful process, and I look forward to hearing about each step along the way to adding more beans to the soup…er, salad….er….nevermind.

  2. A great book. So is it’s prequel, The Commitment.

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