All of a Flutter

We’re all of a flutter. Tomorrow is Bean’s first serious involvement in a philanthropic event. We’re walking in the Diaper Bank of Southern Arizona’s first annual Stroll & Roll. There has been a little bit of a competition going on between Bean and I as to who can raise the most pledges and at the time of posting I’m beating her total by $15! Wahoooooo!
Stroll & Roll

The price I have to pay for my fund raising is wearing a large bumble bee costume compete with yellow tutu in public. The walk isn’t actually a costumed walk, we’re just livening it up a little. Taking a page from the Moms Acting Up group and Naomi Wolf’s advice to dress it up, have fun and bring attention to yourself if you want to get a message across.

Tonight, now the tutus are made and after the black spots are attached to Bean’s costume, I’m going to write some bold posters about the huge, gaping maw in our state and federal systems that leaves the most vulnerable among us, our babies, our grandparents and our brothers and sisters who are disabled even more so by not recognizing that diapers, expensive items, are not luxury items, but necessary. A child, a grandparent and disabled adult or child who does not have access to appropriate changes of diapers is a person more subject to illness and abuse. This need is so basic and yet we don’t address it within our state social safety net. Why not?

The Diaper Bank of Southern Arizona is doing fabulous work, as are its counterparts across the nation. They need our support.

Thanks to all for the support this weekend.


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