Stroll & Roll Update

Wahooooooooo! A little late, but still a quick update.

Bean & I raised close to $500 for the Diaper Bank of Southern Arizona during the Stroll & Roll (we still need to collect a few pledges).  Dressing up in tutus, both her and I, and strolling around the park did turn a few heads, but it also got people asking questions about the Diaper Bank.

Apparently, a grown woman dressing in a bright yellow tutu, with antennae on her head, and yellow wings on her back is an approachable character. We had more than a few folks ask about the Diaper Bank. How could they donate? Where could they donate?  So while our pledges might seem small, we may have prompted others to give and that is worth a lot.

We’ll be back next year to Stroll & Roll. Hopefully, with more folks in costume. A big thank you to those who donated. To our family, I used your contributions to challenge my friends on Facebook to help me beat Bean in raising funds. In the end we tied, but the Diaper Bank won and that was great!
Getting Pumped Up for the Stroll & Roll


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