Exploring a Memory


When we were back in Nebraska we took a little side trip to the farm where Green spent many of his summers. No longer inhabited, his uncle still keeps cattle there. Oh, the stories they tell. Summers playing, summers working. The farm has been in the family since 1948. A lot of stories. There was a time...

In back there are a few classic old cars, and some horse drawn machinery.

Hidden away in the garage. How much work would it take?

Machine and Nature as one?

And Bean. With a stick. Sweeping through the grass. Tapping the wheels. Climbing trees.


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One response to “Exploring a Memory

  1. Oh my goodness. Those images– be still my heart. For a family that lives with 110 acres behind them (that they can kindly use for playing, running, biking and skiing, but don’t own…sigh)– these are images of possibility…we dream of a farm, but for now, it is a task just too daunting to leap into. Your photos though, are breathtaking. You can literally feel the stories and memories pouring out of them.

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