Christmas Day Review

Christmas Day Review:
Less tantrums, less grief, more joy, more fun! Yeah! We had a lovely time with family and friends.
Got to love a place where you can have lunch outside in December.
Christmas Lunch on the Patio

Check out the wrapping paper.
Check out the wrapping 'paper'

Yep, didn’t spend a penny on wrapping paper this year. All gifts were being opened here so I just dug out some yardage from my horde and used a little ribbon to wrap gifts. Definitely going to do this next year too. Perfectly reusable wrapping. A friend’s comment when I mentioned the use of fabric to wrap gifts really captures our culture’s mindset, “If you were going to just throw out the fabric you should have let me at your stash.” Nope K, absolutely no intention of throwing the fabric out, just going to fold it back up and put it away to be used later. In K’s defense at least she was looking to use the fabric and was looking at use, but the idea of that wrapping would always be disposable is fairly ingrained in all of us. I think next year for gifts that will be opened elsewhere, by people I can’t request the yardage back without looking a little wacky, I’ll just make bags a la morsbags for wrapping gifts that are going further a field.

Hope your day was great!



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4 responses to “Christmas Day Review

  1. You’re right, that wrapping would always be disposable IS fairly ingrained in all of us. I love your idea of wrapping gifts in fabric and may try it for the next birthday in our house!

    And I love the idea of the morsbags. I think I could manage to make those. 🙂

  2. I love the fabric wrapping paper. I was meaning to sew some re-usable gift bags this year but never quite got around to it. But this? This seems easier and definitely an idea I can get behind. Heaven knows, I have a big enough fabric stash to make a go of it. 😉

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