Good King Wenceslas & Boxing Day

Ahhhhh Boxing Day, a day of continued sloth, greed and gluttony. Epitomized in my memories by cold cut left overs, and the local soccer derby (Liverpool vs. Everton), Boxing Day is a Bank Holiday in the UK  that typically coincides with St Stephen’s Feast on December 26th.

The origin of the term Boxing Day is thought to be based on the historic use of boxes to collect alms for the poor in England and then distributed by the clergy to those less fortunate the day after Christmas. There are other explanations, but that was the one I grew up with so we’ll go with it for the purposes of this blog post.

As I settled into the sloth and gluttony aspect of the day I received a sharp virtual prod to partake in the other aspect by the following video:

I love the World Vision approach, like Heifer’s more secular approach and of course the closer to home work of Help a Mother Out
Help A Mother Out

With that I say Happy Boxing Day.


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