Responding to the Thirty-Minute Blog Post Challenge & More

Ever since reading about Steady Mom’s Thirty-Minute Blog Post Challenge, I’ve been thinking about my Internet use, or misuse. I spend an ungodly amount of time online, even more so since becoming a parent, that isn’t to say that all that time has been wasted, the Internet has been a fabulous resource for me. I found Dr. Jack Newman’s breastfeeding videos via KellyMom, which was the breakthrough in our breastfeeding; during pregnancy and the fourthth tri the online social community I participate in was invaluable; I have developed wonderful friendships that started as virtual connections and have morphed into regular friendships; I participate in craft exchanges, find knitting and sewing patterns and buy gifts online; I have been inspired and informed by other mothers using their online power for good.

In today’s age cutting myself off from the Internet is just not feasible. More than the phone, email, chat and social networking sites are used to connect. As my husband notes with a touch of disgust, our local friends increasingly use Facebook to organize impromptu get-togethers. He has missed more than one happy hour because his Facebook account lies fallow. My work is dependent on the use of a computer, as is my husband’s, but after the little one goes to bed and you’ve done nothing but sit in front of the computer that evening something needs to change, something needs to change for the health of your family.

So how do we find a balance? I’m going to start by pledging to start confining my non-work Internet time including blog posting to an hour a day AND gulp,  having one day a week, Saturday, almost Internet free.  I know, I know, the ‘almost’ means email, checking map directions, Skyping my distant family (we use Skype for long distance calls, and checking Facebook for event information is okay. Like I said it just isn’t feasible without becoming a hermit to completely cut myself off. With that said, I’ve almost used my thirty minutes for this blog post. If I’m going to do this I might as well start now. I’ll have to post my guidelines tomorrow.

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6 responses to “Responding to the Thirty-Minute Blog Post Challenge & More

  1. Where would we be without the internet… I so understand… Since I started the 30 minute challenge I have tried to blog “after hours only”… hard but not impossible!!! I check my email about 3 times a day otherwise they build up too much and take ages… All the best with your internet free Saturday!!!

  2. Sounds great–I’m with you!


  3. Good luck! I am not sure I could swing this, though I love the intention. Maybe I should start by limiting myself to a larger amount, and work from there. Baby steps, right?

  4. My god woman (oops, sorry it just sounds like it belongs here…) have you gone completely MAD??

  5. Thanks all for stopping by and commenting.
    You’re right, this is insane, absolutely insane.
    Check out all the loopholes I’ve built in. I think as se7en suggests having dedicated time for each piece might be part of the solution. I also am trying to avoid using the Internet to access numbers and addresses I should have elsewhere anyway. As soon as I go online to check a phone number or address or time of event I’m tempted to look elsewhere. So, printing out of the calendar and reduction in reliance on digital storage of data I hope will also help.
    Steady Mom,
    Thanks for the inspiration!

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