Day One of Insanity

As Bobby said in the comments to the last post, I have obviously gone quite crazy with this Internet time limit. I have 25 minutes left today, so moving quickly on to what it actually entails. I’m cheating and just including a photo rather than text. I’m not quite insane though, you’ll notice lots of permitted uses, although I should note that my free permitted time does not include long chatty IMs with dear friends, dang it I may have to pick up the phone and call! I had to articulate on my list not reading my Google Reader because I might um, cheat otherwise. You know, oh yeah I can check my Gmail, oh wait there we go a little glance at the Reader.


Was it worth it? I definitely achieved more today: bookshelves and a desktop cleared and boxed, a walk to the park and back with Bean to meet Granddad, and as a warm up to attempting organization in other parts of the house I sorted out her kitchen. Yeah, don’t want to get too ambitious with the whole organization thing. So yes, a little more time made a difference. Time to snap this while we were out:

We’ll see how long it lasts!


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One response to “Day One of Insanity

  1. Lovely photo!

    Good luck to you. I hope that this ends up being a good thing for you – or at least helps you to clarify your goals and priorities.

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