Day Four of Insanity and Oops!

Well, I was doing pretty darn well up until today with my online time limits and then what happened? There I was packing up yet more books at the crack of dawn so we could move bookshelves into the living room when I decided to check my email, and then my RSS feed and then, what would you know, how about a quick Tweet on Twitter, or a comment on Facebook. All of this, so far, was within the hour set aside each day Sunday through Friday for such indulgence, but that is the point: Sunday through Friday not Saturday. (How did it get to be Saturday already? That means I’m back at work on Monday dang it.) Luckily, I am the parent of a toddler and so nothing if not flexible, so this was not a massive failure in the first week, I will merely apply the rule to tomorrow. So tomorrow, really tomorrow.

Today? Today, I’m going to share a few things that are making me happy.

This shot includes my favorite person, well her and her dad, and my mum and dad are running a close joint 3rd. One of my favorite places, our back yard AND the most comfortable shoes ever. Really, they’re like slippers. I don’t care what Stacey and Clinton of What Not to Wear say, comfortable shoes can be cute, even on a forty year old.

Most Comfortable Shoes Ever!

I’m also really loving this necklace that my friend Maggie of Velvet Glass gave me. I think it better to display it on a rocky rather than a close up of my rather wrinkley neck.

Glass Mosaic Necklace by Velvet Glass

I can’t afford Velvet Glass’s intricate beautiful glass mosaics, but I can afford the belt buckles, necklaces, coasters and prints. I’m thinking about commissioning her to create a belt buckle in the form of a tree or maybe a leaf. Actually, honey if you’re reading this I’d love to get the bubble fish for my birthday. Yeah, he never reads this.

Almost being done with the paint job in the living room. The ceilings and walls are painted, the baseboards are back on, bookshelves are moved in, although not secured to the wall. I’ve picked out some possible fabric for various pieces in the living room. Just got to decide whether to recover the chair we’ll be using until we find a more comfortable option like Sonchia of Dream within Reach suggested in the comments to my post Requesting Decor Input. Perhaps this?


The paint has a little more green in the yellow than I had hoped for, but after trying a bunch of samples the one we both agreed on was so close to the three gallons that we already had we couldn’t justify buying more paint. I figure the right lighting and fabrics will add a touch more warmth.

I hope your New Year is off to a fabulous start and 2010 brings much happiness, peace and health. And with that goodnight.



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8 responses to “Day Four of Insanity and Oops!

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  2. sorry to hear that you broke your own rule. if it makes you feel any better i break my rules too. i’m actually bad because i not only make rules for myself that i break but i also make family rules and then break them, too. like tonight. i made this rule that nobody gets up from the table until everybody is done. the man wasn’t done. i just got up when i was done. it’s funny, but he doesn’t even care. he probably didn’t even notice. gosh, maybe rule making and rule breaking are a vicious cycle for me. well, not all rules. i do stick to some rules. some.
    anyway, i stumbled upon your blog and now i’m rambling.
    nice to “meet” you.

  3. Amanda,
    Thanks for stopping by, the support and leaving a comment. Checked out your blog, love the Wendell Berry quote, and the photos, oh the photos!

    I didn’t feel too bad. I did manage to stay off line yesterday, or rather within my boundaries. I figure it is all about flexibility and that is something I want to share with my daughter, right?!

  4. I love those shoes! They really look like my kind of shoes. Life is too short to have uncomfortable feet, I say, and red is a fabulous colour.

    And I love that necklace, too. It looks sturdy, which is a very important thing in my world.

  5. Oh Amber, they really are heavenly shoes. I keep meaning to buy another pair or two, but the cost keeps me at bay.

    The necklace is one of those that you find yourself absentmindedly touching just for the sensation, like a cool smooth rock. I’m trying to convince Maggie to sell them on Etsy. They take forever to make though. All glass cutting, finishing, grouting and the such.

  6. Nice work on the paint. Love seeing the progress!

  7. Erika

    i think the real question is… WHERE DID YOU GET THOSE SHOES?! they are PERFECT!!

    i love reading your blog. it makes me miss you like crazy, but i’m glad you keep posting!

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