Pick up that cell phone

I had some daft post about the color pink in mind, but really can’t today. The disaster in Haiti is on my mind and therefore on this page.   On another much prettier blog, Sew Liberated, they suggested not only donating as private individuals, (here is a list of organizations if you haven’t already done so), but also calling your congressperson to encourage their support of governmental monies to Haiti. I think that fairly inspired.

So, if you’re in the US, go ahead pick up that cell phone and call the Capitol Switchboard and contact the staff of your Congressional representative and senators.  Ask them to give generously, swiftly and un-tied aid (or is it aide?) to the Haiti people.  The Capitol switchboard number is 202-224-3121.

Me?  I’m going to contact Senator Kyl’s staff and ask if they can get the hairdryer out, melt the heart of ice if they can find it and then give that message. For all I disagree with McCain, I think this message will get through without such help. Giffords will get it too.  So even if they hang out on the wrong side of the track aisle give ’em a shout. Thanks.



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4 responses to “Pick up that cell phone

  1. Haven’t you heard? They got what they deserved.
    So says Pat Robertson, fountain of morality and in direct communication with god.

    Let’s hear it for the compassion of religion.

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