Rubbish Diet Update & the Crazy Challenge

I love a little Sparkly Beetle Magnet

Yeah, the image has nothing to do with today’s post, but I love the sparkly beetles magnets.  Except when I find them upside down by the side of the fridge and I mistake them for another insect form.

Rubbish Diet Update
Week One: Getting to Know Your Local Recyclables

Well who would have thunk it? Apparently, not all type 1 & 2 plastic is recyclable in Tucson! Those trays and baskets that your fruit and veg come in at Trader Joe’s? Not allowable in the blue bins.  Just type 1(PETE) & 2 (HDPE) bottles and jugs. I know, some of those trays say they’re compostable, but have you ever tried putting them in the compost? Even in an active compost bin they take forever and I actually haven’t see them compost. Green just digs them out after 6 months and throws them in the trash so they can clog up our planet elsewhere, which makes little sense, but NO MORE! No more because we’re saying no to the crappy produce at Trader Joe’s (I love so much about Trader Joe’s including it’s proximity and ease, but not the produce) and am going to make 17th Street Market a more regular part of our shopping.

The produce at 17th Street is far better anyway and it doesn’t come in 10 billion layers of plastic plus  In fact, the produce is naked. Just waiting for me to get my act together and finish those reuseable veg and fruit bags I’m making from Bean’s old sheer cotton curtains. Admit it, you’re dead impressed at my domestic prowess. I’ll be impressed if I ever get them finished too. This week I just piled all the fruit and veg into a cloth grocery bag and let it all roll about together and get fresh with one another. I was a hit at the check out.

The Final Weigh In: Week One
We were down to one (from two) honking large kitchen bag for the week and several old rotted kitty litter boxes that had been holding compost while we moved our compost bin. Good grief, I sound terribly earnest don’t I? Most of it is processed food wrapping, but we’d cut back on that too. I was pretty impressed and it got easier once I fully explained why I was diving in to the trash can/ rubbish bin after all kinds of crap screaming “Oh no, not that I can reuse/compost/recycle/eat that.”

The Ugly Truth about that Other Pledge
Remember my recent pledge to significantly reduce time wasted on the Internet. Yeah, well the only part of that is working right now is the restrictions on Saturdays. Still, not a total loss. Perhaps I can work up to two days a week restricted. Nah, forget it that truly is crazy.



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4 responses to “Rubbish Diet Update & the Crazy Challenge

  1. Erika

    I found out that most Whole Foods stores will accept #5 plastic (yogurt containers, etc.). Does the Whole Foods in Tucson accept? It’s part of the Gimme 5 program…

    Yay for saying no to Trader Joe’s produce! We stopped buying there when we lived in Tucson for the exact same reason. Why do my tomatoes need to come wrapped in plastic on a tray with an additional layer of plastic? That’s right, they dont! And they taste better without!!!

  2. I thought that bug was real and I didn’t like it.


  3. Have I shared this with you yet? My friend in Santa Cruz, CA is trying to go “zero waste” too and has an entire blog dedicated to her efforts. I feel like you guys should connect.

    Telluride has zero bulk purchasing capabilities, so I am pretty much a slave to our little local markets. Sigh.

    Good luck!

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