Mrs. Beeton vs. the Pre-Made Pie Crust

Mrs Beeton Strikes Again

Armed with some rhubarb from 17th Street Market, Mrs Beeton’s Cookbook (the ’66 edition – Hey Mum, Mrs. Beeton ended up at my house) and NO fancy food processor with paddle for pastry making, Bean and I created a delightful rhubarb pie. It took a little while to find a pastry recipe, (No, I can’t remember a basic pastry recipe) that didn’t call for some machinery to create it and then it was in a 1966 edition of a book originially created in the late 1800’s.

Rhubarb Pie a la Mrs. Beeton

The best bit, after the yummy pie and baking with my kid? Checking out the cost of pre-made pie crusts at Trader Joe’s ($3.50). Dang! Processed stuff has been doing a number on our food spending. How did we get so dependent on such things, like pancake mix or scone mix?  I mean it is just packets of the dry ingredients measured out for you. Really, how long does that take?  Now, where did I put that glass of Fresca?



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2 responses to “Mrs. Beeton vs. the Pre-Made Pie Crust

  1. Nice! Pie crust is my nemesis, so I almost always buy it. Can’t seem to make a good one from scratch.

  2. Erika

    we always find pie crust hit and miss. sometimes it is PERFECT and other times… well, really, you can’t ruin a pie. i have to admit, it’s gotten easier “up north” here because you can keep the fat cooler longer so that the pie crust stays flaky. yumbo!

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