Buttons, Snails, Turkeys and a little Rubbish Diet

Snow Snails

So my week was fairly uneventful, but Green, Green’s week was pretty spiffy.
During a lull in between snow storms with promises of a cleared road he and a colleague went to the telescope.

Such dedication.

The road was clear, clear of snow, clear of traffic, save the snow snails and wild turkeys.

Mt. Graham's Wild Turkeys

Then on the way back a little action with the highway patrol including Green getting a pat down, a patrolman poised with his hand on his halter, and Green and his colleague being questioned at length. The message, ‘We’re astronomers not drug smugglers. No, we’re just spacey because we’re operating on a low amount of sleep after looking into space, not drugs induced.’ did get through, eventually.

See, an eventful few days.

Ask him about it, he tells a much better story with all the details.

Me? The highlights of my week so far?

1. Finding a cigar box of buttons from the past 70 years that my mother in law gave me.

2. Finally sticking to and making progress on a diet, in this case the Rubbish Diet. This week our waste volume is down to 22 liters from 43 liters. Wahoo. We’re still in the middle of clearing out years of stuff, so 22 liters isn’t bad at all. Other than the clutter clearing, most of the rubbish/trash is still mostly food wrapping, but the weekly food planning and using up leftovers is reducing our non-compostable food waste. Hmmmm, I wonder if that will go down when we get chickens?
Nebraskan Buttons



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9 responses to “Buttons, Snails, Turkeys and a little Rubbish Diet

  1. Mum

    Great pictures, now I know why you laughted about our 14 days English snow storm!

    We are in Rome now, living in a Mariannehill community of monks, fathers and nuns. It is very peaceful and we’ve (Gill and I) being doing the regular tourist route – Sistine Chapel, St. Peter’s, Roman Forum etc. Plus some other more way out places they have taken us to. Today, sadly we return to Liverpool, work etc.

    Pleased to see you have re-discovered how to make pastry, scones etc. Much better without a packet, but Mary Baker was a late import in my cookery days.

  2. Wow such awesome pictures! So, how do I get a telescope invite?!

  3. You’re cleaning out rubbish and you’ve reduced the amount you’re sending out? Nice work!

  4. This was a fascinating post to happen upon for my first visit here. The wild turkey pic is awesome! And snow snails…..actually my first time ever hearing of them!

    I spent my formative years in Phoenix and although Phoenix ain’t Tucson, it still instilled a deep love for the desert. Oh that Sonoran desert…fuels the soul.

    Thanks for coming by and leaving the supportive comment…I look forward to seeing you around….


  5. I wish I could take photos like that! So beautiful.

  6. They are gorgeous photos and I particularly love the buttons, although I am very impressed by the snowsnail too. It sounds like you are doing really well with your Rubbish Diet. What a brilliant result. And yes, chickens can definitely help the food waste diminish. Wait till you see them with spaghetti. Will pop by and see you again soon. 🙂

    • I’m a bit out of it right now. Not at home Karen. Need to catch up and read Week 6 and apply. We have to come up with a plan for Week 5, but desert gardening is not the easiest of things.

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