In Search of the AZ Legislature’s Heart – KidsCare

Like many Arizonans, when I heard about the proposed cuts to services to the most vulnerable in our community by the Arizona Legislator I became convinced that we should send out a search party for the hearts of those proposing these cuts. I know, I know, we’re in a financial mess in this state, but really cutting mental health services to the seriously mentally ill? Cutting health care to 46,000 children of the working poor? Cutting care to 300,000 working poor? While at the same time pushing tax cuts to corporations? No heart.

Increasingly, I’m hearing from friends who work in the business community that they oppose these cuts too. These cuts won’t encourage business to Arizona. Rather they will discourage such growth. Real Estate agents who feel such cuts and cuts to education fly in direct opposition to their efforts. So, it was no surprise when a friend who is a big muckity muck in a Tucson business forwarded this to me:

Dear Business Community Colleagues:

As part of a joint health care press conference this week, Children’s Action Alliance announced that they were delivering a petition completed by nearly 1,000 residents that calls for the restoration and protection of KidsCare. The petition and names of its many supporters were shared with the Governor and Arizona Legislators as part of Children’s Action Alliance ongoing work to protect KidsCare, an important health insurance coverage for 46,000 children this state.

Children’s Action Alliance is continuing to collect online signatures to this petition to call attention to the opposition to dropping enrollment or all together eliminating the program. This is a community issue, this is an economic development issue and this is a business issue. CHILDREN’S ACTION ALLIANCE:

Petition to Protect KidsCare!

Dear Governor Brewer and Legislators,

As an Arizona voter, I urge you to fully fund KidsCare.

KidsCare is an Arizona success story that provides health insurance coverage to 46,000 children. Since it was created in 1998, the rate of Arizona kids with health insurance grew from 74% to 84%. But budget cuts passed in December closed KidsCare to all new applicants. This is resulting in thousands of children being denied the coverage they need to stay healthy, active and ready to learn.

AHCCCS has cut off any new enrollment in KidsCare and expects enrollment to drop to less than 28,000 kids by mid summer. Governor Brewer’s budget plan takes it to the extreme by eliminating KidsCare altogether.

Without this coverage kids won’t get timely medical care, leading to more serious and costly health problems; emergency rooms will fill up because families don’t know where else to go; and more families will be forced into medical debt and bankruptcy, adding to Arizona’s declining real estate market.

Please support this KidsCare that over the past decade has helped hundreds of thousands of children grow up healthy, strong and ready to succeed.

[Your Name]
[Your Address]
[City, State ZIP]

Go on, you can do it too. Just click here.



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4 responses to “In Search of the AZ Legislature’s Heart – KidsCare

  1. You’ve lived here long enough…this shocks you? We did seem to find a revenue stream to build a new spring training stadium for the Cubs (how many more sports facilities are we going to pay for anyway?); they spent time creating a bill to make people wait 6 months instead 2 for getting a divorce (to help you know, save marriage); finally allowed us to bring guns into bars (because nothing says “Hands off my girlfriend drunkard” like a loaded .45); declared every February 4th to be “Ronald Reagan Day” in AZ (almost like a 2nd Christmas, eh?); and “Cold War Victory Day” (no for fun you have GOT to read this bill– and if your head has not exploded yet, are currently debating a bill to save us from the threat of the dreaded “Humanzee” by banning transplantation of human brains into animals (

    I’m sure they’ll get to protecting children once these earth shattering issues are addressed.

    • I know, I know. I’m just an optimist apparently. Or maybe in denial that there could be such a concentrated amount of stupidity and greed in one area.

      You know the joke about the rest of AZ breaking off and forming the doughnut state? Leaving Maricopa to its own devices? We’re not really kidding. We’re working up to it. Move now and join the revolution.

  2. Go ahead and leave, but don’t come crying back to us when the Humanzee attacks!

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