I won! I won!

I meant to do this last night, but fell asleep in front of a Hulu run of the latest Chuck episode, I think before the credits at the beginning even finished.

I won! You know one of those blog contests where a commenter is picked to receive a cool gift? Well they exist. I won a book on Library Hungry, very excited. I love Library Hungry’s take on books and while I don’t always agree with her in reviews (You can also check out what she has to say on goodreads- You don’t know what goodreads is? Get ye over there right now) I do often and in some genres more than others. I got to choose the book from a selection so I’m going for Fool by Christopher Moore. I’m in need of a bawdy tale.

I have a question though, for you. I see these contests on the big blogs, Soulemama etc, and they stimulate a huge response presumably because they have a huge readership, but then I see them on smaller blogs also stimulating a big response, but not others. Is this all about of readership OR type of readership? Have you ever entered a comment on blog posting in the hopes of winning a prize? I ran a book giveaway on TucsonMama back in October or November and was surprised by the limited response. (Note for those of you who don’t know me in real life I am a TucsonMama sidekick, not the very wonderfulTucsonMama.) I know the traffic TucsonMama gets and it is substantial so why a relatively low response? I guess that was more than one question. Alright, off with my hacking cough to work.



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6 responses to “I won! I won!

  1. That is awesome that you won! I enter those things all the time (with hundreds of others)…and have never won a thing. I think more people read the blogs than enter the contests – takes time to enter/comment.

  2. Thanks. You know on the way in today I thought, hmmmm wouldn’t it be wonderful if Dream Within Reach had giveaways, you know if you had retailers donate stuff, and then I could try for those. Mmmmm, lovely.

  3. I never won anything on those, but I did run my own “Guess the date and time of the baby’s birth” contest on my blog last year (twice actually, since the doctors made a mistake on the first delivery date) and got lots of comments for entry. Maybe you should start a “Grow family grow” contest of your own?

    • Hmmm, we could start with when are Tepary and Green actually going get their crap together and submit for the home study agency??? I just have to find the paperwork which is buried under something somewhere in the disaster zone. Please send Search and Rescue after me if I don’t surface soon.

  4. Lucky you! I’ve entered on occasion on big and small blogs, but have never won… Recently, I’ve had people suggest that I run giveaways on select blogs for the line of children’s books that I sell, but I wondered how best to do it, and whether it would make sense from a business standpoint…

    Didn’t realize you’re the sidekick that I hear from on TucsonMama…you seem like a couple of nice gals!

    • Thanks Leah! Thanks for stopping by.

      Hmmmm, I’ve checked out your site and Barefoot Books. We have some from England. They have some sweet books. It took me a while to understand how the whole Barefoot thing works, I was looking for more info about you on the site. How do people get directed to your site? Will you be at the Tucson Festival of Books?
      I imagine that if a give away directs people to your site AND they buy then it can. I know I recently bought something of a sponsor of SouleMama because they had a 10% discount for the month. But SouleMama has a huge base. Hmmmm, food for thought.

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