Update: Rubbish Diet, Decor and the Insane Reduce Online Time Pledge

So a quick update in case you think I’ve been neglecting these items. You’re right. Kind of.

This week is the Zero Waste Attempt Week at The Rubbish Diet. Here in the Tepary household? Not so much. We’re still on week 6 or 7 or whichever it was that was the de-clutter week. No really, we are. But we’re getting closer as evidenced that I’m actually able to walk into this room and see the ground, which now has pots of sample paint and putty knives lying around.  All the junk that was here is now in other people’s homes (yeah yard sales!), the compost bin, the recycle bin, our living room cluttering up the good view of the new spiffy decor in there, or um, the landfill. I do intend to go for it though. Soon, I promise soon. The Rubbish Diet has indeed changed my behaviours for the better.

We kind of covered decor, right? I spent hours debating insipid blue colors to replace the lovely Madonna/Mediterranean blue the front bedroom was previously. A couple of hours this evening puttying all the little dings in the walls. Somehow we hope to prime, paint, and lay the floor by noon on Sunday and ta da it will all be delightful, calm and serene. I might have lost my mind in the process, but any guests, additions to our family will surely love it. Don’t hold your breath on a room ready picture by Sunday.

And now to my moment of insanity, okay one of the many moments of insanity: the pledge to reduce online time. Still doing a relatively good job of keeping myself off the internet one day a weekend, the rest of it? Eh.

Alright, carry on.

ps. Mammograms? Not really as painful as I expected. In fact, not painful at all.


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