Baby Steps

After months of procrastination deliberation we’ve finally made a step, albeit a small one, toward getting on with the adoption efforts. Our application for homestudy is in the mail AND we have an informational meeting with an agency on Wednesday! Yee gads!
(Bobby, I need to touch base with you. What things to ask?)

Small Steps

So, I’ll admit I kind of hesitated. I mean, is my health really excellent? Can you see the hesitation in my writing? I talked with my cardiologist and he said yep, I’m good to go. Then this past week I had a weird lump, well rather depression in my breast, actually no lump. All of a sudden, and it hurt! Is that TMI? Ahhhh well. Luckily, I had a baseline mammogram scheduled. Went, weird stuff on the mammogram so they sent me for an ultrasound. Ultrasound clear! Yeah. A quick call to my doctor sister in law and she says yep sounds good, no lumps, just fibrous tissue. The radiologist actually said it looked like disgustingly healthy tissue, fibrous, but healthy. Now? The indentation is still there, but it no longer hurts. The body is a weird, weird, weird thing eh?

Get this, after a fair bit of talking to Dr. Google, it looks like caffeine and chocolate can play a role. Now there isn’t coffee or tea in my diet, but maybe this will be enough to break me of my chocolate addiction?

Getting the all clear was enough to send me digging for the homestudy application form and reaching for the phone. Eek! Excitement. Note this isn’t the homestudy form though, just the application for, but we did say small steps didn’t we.



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13 responses to “Baby Steps

  1. La Rebequita

    Perhaps also under the heading TMI: I’ve had a couple of mammograms in the past couple of years for mysterious lumps that turned out to be fibrous thingies. The last one, which occurred at a time when I was burning the midnight oil to finish a report and was hence living on huge amounts of coffee, swelled to the size of a ping pong ball and hurt A LOT – and then just went away. Getting older is a bitch. Oh, and happy birthday!

  2. littlehousesouthernprairie

    SO exciting … happy for you. Keep us posted.
    But chocolate? Gulp.

  3. Very exciting. Something tells me you have good chocolate and good wine…us liberals know know how to pick those staples! You guys are the second couple we know in the middle of the homestudy process…isn’t it fun??

  4. I am so happy for you! It’s scary, but in a good way, right?

    You know I’ll want details along the way.

  5. Kim

    Oh it’s great to meet another Arizona blogger. Thank you for your warm welcome! We are just a few days behind you and have all of our home study paper work in. Well, one thinks. Which home study company are you working with. Enjoy the lovely weather!

    • Ahhh, Kim. Thanks for stopping by. We’re actually behind you. This is just the form for the application. We came back from California to the home study package. Eek, its a lot of papers! We haven’t actually signed up with the CA agency yet, but figured we could get going on the home study first. We’re going with a local to Tucson home study agency called Oasis. How long did it take you to get the paperwork sorted?

  6. Kim

    Oh….it’s feels good to start the process; finally! To be honest, it took us a good three weeks to get our paper work together. It really isn’t “that” cumbersome. Just took us a while because we wanted to confirm with family and friends that they would be comfortable being references. Also, I received a promotion at work and I needed the paperwork to show the increase in income. We haven’t actually visited IAC yet, but wanted to get the home study completed first. They are definitely our choice agency. Ann shared with me that when we begin the weekend intensive, we should be prepared to sign “the contract.” ie: be prepared for the initial fees. Hence, the home study seemed like a better starting point. What did you think of the IAC offices, etc? Anything come to mind?

    • Cripes, Kim I totally spaced on this response. The IAC offices are quite a way of San Francisco in Pleasant Hill, a town to the North. The offices are in a pleasant office blog, we took our daughter with us and they were totally equipped for that. People were laid back. My favorite bit was looking at all the recently expanded by adoption families on a board by the door.

  7. I’m excited for you! Your baby steps will lead to, well, baby steps!!

  8. Kim

    Oh great! Thanks for following up! Hope you guys are doing well. It’s starting to heat up here! Yikes!

  9. Kim

    LOL – Here in Phoenix. I prefer the winter weather! Meeting with the Social Worker again this Friday. I’m not done the homework she provided. Busy, busy!!

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