Adoption Agency Meeting

We met with an adoption agency yesterday that we are seriously considering. This was the first time we’ve done more than talk over the phone.

At some point in the adoption agency meeting I look down and notice the baby drool I picked up at a friend’s house has not dried and disappeared, but is a delightful stain on my shirt, a long line of drool stain. I draw my cardigan over the stain and catch a glimpse of Green’s sneakers. The sneakers are clean and in good condition, but sneakers. Then Bean shrieks with delight at the latest noise coming out of the contraption the agency has provided to occupy her and I think that someone else might not think her hair a delightful tousle of golden cherub curls, but rather unkempt. Perhaps they think all of us unkempt with sneakers and stains and tousled curls and maybe they think us not best candidates for adoption. Maybe we should have dressed for an interview. I notice my legs are beyond prickly. Crap.

Green laughs at something and Bean runs over and jumps in his lap. Screw it. I’m guessing these folks know that being a family isn’t all about being neat and tidy and really, baby drool should earn me a few points. Right?

ps. They gave us a couple of books to start with.



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7 responses to “Adoption Agency Meeting

  1. Julia

    I would go for shreaking, laughing, baby drool and sneakers over polished and shiny any day!

  2. KC

    I would give you points for the baby drool. Tells me you are willing to be hands on with your potential new child! Way to go on taking that next big step!

  3. A ancient mum

    I agree with both these comments and hope the US agencies are better than what I am observing in the UK. Almost exactly the opposite of what you have described is what is identifying a friend + partner as ‘good adopted parents’.

    They are further ahead of you and prior to meeting the two siblings they hope to adopt (but have yet to meet), they have been told to have photographs taken and make them into placemats. Their proposed children, who are in foster care at the moment, are then supposed to use these placemats.

    Now, imagine a 3 year old being encouraged, by a foster parent, to eat a vegetable they don’t like. So they spit it out on a placemat with new mum and dad’s face.

    But as my mate said, they have gone through almost two years of visits, questions, prying into medical, financial and social histories etc. to be accepted as adoption parents, they would both do anything. ‘If they told me to jump off a cliff, I would do’.

  4. How very exciting! These first meetings are so full of promise, anticipation, nerves, and joy. The ride can get bumpy, but the end…words can’t describe.

    I am so happy for all of you.

  5. Betsey

    I hope my baby’s drool was good luck! Ya’ll did not look unkempt, ya’ll looked like a loving family.

  6. wow! just catching up on your blog. this is so exciting! really big deal. keep the updates coming. awesome.

  7. Erika

    i can’t think of more down-to-earth loving people, and that had to come out in your interview. what an exciting/scary/significant time in your life. way to go getting the ball rolling!

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