The New Suburban Habitat -Chick Galore

Spring Giveaway on New Urban Habitat

I’m guessing this is one of my fav artists, Nikki McClure, doing the artwork on the cover of this sweet looking cookbook by Cynthia Lair. Right?

New Urban Habitat is doing a giveaway of the book on her blog. I’m all over that and if I can’t win it, how about you?

By the way I’m feeling very new urban suburban this weekend after adding three more chicks to our backyard flock. Well, not exactly to the gaggle of hens we already have. Those hens are enjoying the Chicken Palace aka McHen House now and are no longer stinking up our mud room. The three new ones are just a few days old, a couple of black Australorps like our friend’s K and G’s and a light Brahma. Sweet. Or maybe that is crazy. Yep, probably crazy.

Perhaps this cookbook has lots of egg recipes in it? I think we may get a little tired of omlettes and quiches. Well, we have another few months to worry about it before actually having to face the onslaught of eggs.

PS. A belated happy Spring Equinox. May you get plenty of sleep and feel well balanced in life.



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2 responses to “The New Suburban Habitat -Chick Galore

  1. Rachel F

    I have this cookbook, and yep, that’s a Nikki McClure illustration. (Do you have the book “All in a Day”? It has fab chicken-centric illos by NM.)

    I do like this cookbook, but I’ve cooked very little from it, as you know I’ve cooked very little in the past three years.

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