Cascade Falls, Marin

Last week we took off and went to stay at some friends in Marin County, California and a quick visit to friends in San Francisco. The first are the dear friends that we have to blame for our chicken issue. Hey Fanana and Fapapa, what have you done?

If only there wasn’t the whole earthquake, insane cost of housing and living thing going on in Northern California I could really see a move there. We also got to visit with the adoption agency that we’re probably going to go with, which I mentioned previously.

The trip, albeit short and combined with a lot of driving, was lovely and reminds me again how much I miss green and water, although we never had a tree house quite like this one when I was growing up. Perhaps we could in the future, but where to move to that is green, beautiful weather, has a creek running through it (or ‘crik’ as my husband would say), affordable and earthquake free and have the perfect tree for tree houses? Oh, and located in a great place to catch a plane to grandparents in Nebraska or the British Isles? Our requirements are high huh?

Thanks to all for wonderful hospitality.

Treehouse at Fanana & Fapapa's



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  1. If you’re serious about a move, consider Portland, OR! I grew up in Tucson and just moved back last year after having spent many years away from home. We most recently lived in Portland for about 4 years and loved it there. Green all around, mild winters, amazing summers, affordable real estate and the city is amazing–full of the cool, progressive, bike-loving people. My husband is European, and we found Portland rather easy to travel in and out of–certainly much easier than Tucson. And your urban chickens would fit right in too!

  2. littlehousesouthernprairie

    so beautiful. i want to go.

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