Tucson Treasure – Crafternoon and Citrus Bloom

Sometimes I wonder what it would have been like to go to college and live in a more metropolitan/hip/connected place. Would I have been different? More in touch with what is happening in culture, in politics, in anything?

I’ve lived in Tucson for 21 years now, longer than I lived in the UK and I’m still waiting to grow up and find my groove. I’m afraid I may have left it too late – This is how I feel often, but not so much this afternoon. This afternoon was perfect. This afternoon was a reminder of one of the aspects of Tucson I love, it is laid back to the point of falling over and people are friendly.

It isn’t hot enough yet to make the ride from our house to downtown a chore, but the cardigan is no longer necessary. I ride to a bar which every week is the site of a very sweet crafternoon organized by Rebecca of Dream Within Reach and her sister.


Round the table are men and women engaged in all manner of crafts. I know 4 faces at the table, more than ususal, but it doesn’t really matter because Tucson is laid back, the cocktails are cheap and excellent at Sky Bar, the garlic knots from the neighbouring pizza place are fabulous and conversation easy. After acquiring a drink I plonk myself down, pull out a beta test for the washcloth I’m going to use for a Learn-to-Knit fundraiser. A few pleasantries, and we’re into conversations about crafting, bands, local events (including the upcoming Relight the Night event), politics, education, religion and atheism, chickens, you name it.

Relight the Night Poster

Kon Tiki's Relight the Night

Projects include dainty embroidery, knitting, that stuff you do by cutting up old images and sticking them together with glue, and kayak building (I kid ye not. Just a small bit of the kayak, but still) . At the end of the afternoon I feel richer. I get back on my bike, heavier now for garlic knots and mojitos, but blame the heavy scent of orange blossom for the slowness of my legs as I cycle through campus and on through Sam Hughes. This is my Tucson and this is a pretty good groove.

On the way home- Old Main



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16 responses to “Tucson Treasure – Crafternoon and Citrus Bloom

  1. “Crafternoon” – that is incredibly clever. And at a bar! I want to do that *now*! I wonder how many dirty looks I’d get if I took my 2 yr old šŸ˜‰

  2. I have to say – this post made me get teary. I love Tucson so much and I am also reminded each Sunday at crafternoon of the wonderful people, atmosphere, cheap living, great weather, etc..

    Thanks for this post – made my day!

  3. One day I will be there for a “crafternoon” session. I am so jealous I can hardly stand it!

  4. Crafts and alcohol…sign me up!

  5. I always associate orange blossoms with you, my dear friend!!!
    The fragrance of them comes through my window at work right now–and spring in Tucson is nothing short of wondrous.
    I’m sorry to miss Crafternoon yet again (my mom was in town and we were hanging in the backyard with the kiddos…enjoying lazy spring afternoon, lounging on the backyard futon!) but hopefully this Sunday….
    I love the feeling of community here, and things like Crafternoon, and Help a Mother Out–these are what make our city feel like home.

  6. La Rebequita

    Re: would it have been different if you lived “in a more metropolitan/hip/connected place” – yes, different if that place had been DC, which I used to refer to as “the center of the known universe” – but not so much different in a good way. Hardly anyone is from here, and there’s not much common ground, and the music scene is bleak…so we talk about what we do have in common, which is work. We seem to have the same conversation over and over again. Sigh. Seems like precious few people here are interested in knitting (although the tourists are nuts about the cherry blossoms!).

  7. Erika

    i miss leaving events feeling “richer”. haven’t found that sort of community yet here, but am not giving up on looking! luckily our virtual stitch n bitches fit the bill. i log off, exhausted from the time difference, but warm down to my toes. now, if only i could bottle that orange blossom smell…

    • Erika,
      There is a perfume company in the US somewhere, maybe the east coast, that bottles all kinds of scents. Coffee grinds, soil…all sorts of things. Maybe that orange blossom is bottled somewhere.

  8. Hello. I found you by searching “crafternoon tucson” because I had big intentions of attending today with a couple other mama friends. As happens among mamas, we each had to beg out for different reasons, but I am hoping 2 weeks from now will work out. I’m so glad I found your blog and only wish I could figure out how to subscribe. I am a GFC user and otherwise unwise about these things! And I look forward to Tweeting with you! Very much. Thanks for commenting on the Lil’ Traders post – I’ll consider it an entry. I know how to find you šŸ™‚ -Lindsey

    • Hey Lindsey,
      Thanks for stopping by. I believe there maybe a shake up re location for Crafternoon during football season. At least for next weekend. There is an active Facebook page here. I’ll look forward to seeing you there. I’m not as active on Twitter as I once work. Darn work keeps getting in the way!

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