Adoption Book Club

Hey remember that talk of the book club of one way back when? Well, apparently it doesn’t have to be a book club of one. Eva of The Egg Drop Post is hosting the “Ultimate Adoption Book Club”. I figured I didn’t have enough on my plate right now, I should just sign on up. Hits head against desk. again. and again. and again. When will I ever learn? I mean this isn’t even a book club where you can pass off your mid week guzzling of wine as a social event as it is just you and the computer. Well, I didn’t get off to a great start. I never even cracked the book which happened to be The Blind Side. Instead (hangs head in shame) I went for the modern day Cliff Notes and just watched the movie. You know the one that Sandra Bullock just got an award for. Now I love Sandra, she strikes me as the kind of woman that you could just sit down and have a great chin wag with over pizza and not be bothered about spills on your shirt, but I’m still not sold on the Oscar award. Anyway back to the book movie review with adoption in mind. (Next time I swear I’ll actually read the book)

1. Did you enjoy reading the book? Why or why not? Oops, well I enjoyed watching the movie as I did some mindless work stuff and filled out some forms.

2. What did you think about the portrayal of adoption, particularly teenage transracial adoption in the book? I thought that the movie did an awful job of exploring this aspect. It was all from the perspective of the adoptive parents with barely a token nod to Michael and his family. The adoption story was underdeveloped and unclear. As for treatment of teenage and transracial adoption again, it was worse than non existent. While I understand that this is a movie (this is where I really wish I’d read the book, perhaps it has a more thorough treatment) and plot development is limited, this seemed like a very sterilized version of any adoption.

3. Do you identify with Leigh Anne Tuohy? If so, in what ways to you identify with her? And, if not, in what ways does she rub you the wrong way? I have the impression from Bullock’s depiction that this is one fiesty woman and I hope I can claim that at least on occasion, but other than that no.

4. What do you think about Michael Lewis’ description of Michael Oher’s ‘natural athletic ability’? For example, in chapter four, entitled “The Blank Slate”, Lewis writes about the “boy’s freakish physical gifts (p. 76). Later in that chapter, he writes about “the trouble with Oher as a football player was…he didn’t exhibit the anger of his breed (p.80).” Dear God! Did he really write that. WTF, pardon the French, but really?!?!? I think this is an issue not only of racism, but also this idea that kids are blank slates that we can make of them what we will is really disturbing. I was really disturbed in the movie by the focus on athletics because of his ‘natural’ aptitude rather than the development of intellect. Frankly anyone who can make such gains in such short time has something to offer. Why wasn’t his writing pushed, why athletics?

5. At one point, when the Oher’s are being investigated by the NCAA, Lewis writes, “Michael Oher might never be sure of Sean Tuohy’s deeper motives. But he could be sure of this: Pops was funny(p. 223)!” What do you think motivated the Tuohy’s relationship with Michael? Did you ever doubt their sincerity?
The movie doesn’t explore this relationship at all so I couldn’t speak to that.

6. Are you a sports fan? and did you appreciate reading about the evolution of the game of football. Why? Or why not? I sort of talked about this my first response.

No, I’m originally from the UK I’m more of a soccer fan.

okay 4 more questions to go, but I’m wiped so I’m off to bed. Tomorrow my dears. Tomorrow.


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