Knitting like Crazy

Wash cloth

It is just over two weeks until the Learn-to-Knit Party. You know the fundraiser for the Diaper Bank. I’ve been thinking that I should have gone with a catchier name. A friend suggested Knitting for Virgins. Another thought that such a group should knit chastity belts. While both ideas would attract much more attention than Learn-to-Knit, I’m not sure TMC would have sponsored such an event so we’ll stick with Learn-to-Knit for right now and just between you and I we’ll call it Knitting Virgins, alright?

I’m making progress, slowly…

I’ve got the instructors, YEAH! (Thanks you beautiful people).

The place, YEAH! (Thanks Julia & TMC.)

I have a pattern (Thanks to Audrey for the inspiration) and I’m calling it a wash cloth, mainly because that sounds so much better than dish cloth, but I’m not sure why.

A plan for food (I’m going with an afternoon tea thing. What do you think?)

Door prizes (including a massage from a LMT)

I’m debating music? Should we have music?

We’re going to have some babysitting for those with young kids and by God it is going to be fun or else! Now, I just need you to sign up. Go on now, sign up. Right here.

Check out that our local yarn shop, Kiwi Knitting, gave:

Kiwi's Gift to the Party!

And in between work and planning, must make time for my little family. Otherwise I’m just lost.

So if you’re in Tucson, or you know someone in Tucson, please spread the word about the Learn-to-Knit Fundraiser for the Diaper Bank. We’re on Facebook too, right here.



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2 responses to “Knitting like Crazy

  1. This sounds like a fund event for a worthy cause. I wish I could participate! Instead, I’ve notified my sis-in-law, who lives in Tucson…

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