{this moment}

Spring in the Desert
{this moment} – A Friday ritual. A single photo – no words – capturing a moment from the week. A simple, special, extraordinary moment. A SouleMama ritual

Spring in the desert



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5 responses to “{this moment}

  1. Victoria

    Ohhh… I to love the sight of laundry hanging out to dry.
    For me that season has come only in the last couple of weeks. It looks like where you are at it you’ve been doin’ it for a while 🙂

    Hopped over from the comment you left on my 6riddles post about the honey bees. Thanks for stopping by. I was struck by your temptation to consider raising bees.
    I don’t know about the native honey bees in your area, but honey bees aren’t native to this country at all.
    And in light of the number of dwindling hives, it’s worth looking in to the investment.
    Hope I’m not coming off as pushy, just a girl trying to pique your interest. 🙂
    Happy day to you.

    • Victoria,

      Thanks for stopping by. I have a thing for insects and so the bee thing intrigues me. After reading your post last night I went on and did a little research about the native bee population in AZ and the impact of honey bees on that popn. Apparently, the Tucson area has a very rich diversity of bees that are significant pollinators.

      “The economic value of the pollinating activities of bees in the United States has been estimated at 8-10 billion dollars (Southwick and Southwick 1992). This value is usually attributed entirely to honey bees (Apis mellifera) when in fact, much of the credit and several billion dollars worth of crop pollination is due to native bees and other pollinators. ” from http://proceedings.esri.com/library/userconf/proc99/proceed/papers/pap530/p530.htm

      I think a little more investigation is in order, but have a sneaking feeling that I may have to forgo honey and concentrate on encouraging nest building for native bees (mud towers and bee houses). The good thing is that they’re not stinging as a rule. I’ll follow back up with this here.

  2. KC

    Oh fresh laundry on the line! I love it. That’s one chore I never dread.

  3. You gals might enjoy this article…I often feel that since moving here from Portland that I might be seen as a little freakish here in Tucson with my homemade laundry soap but the reality is that I am a very “lite” version of a radical homemaker!

    I took a few weeks off from drying my clothes on the line this winter, but I’ve been back in full swing for quite a while again and I love it. I find hanging the laundry oddly relaxing…

    • Leah,
      I totally agree about the relaxing aspect of hanging laundry. Interesting article. I’m definitely on the lite end of that spectrum too! How does the soap work? I seem to be having trouble giving up that particular mass produced item.

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