Tea Parties are It!

A real tea party not the crappy pseudo political kind

Isn’t awful when you hesitate to call something a tea party because you don’t want people to think you’re associated with a bunch of extreme right-wing nutters? Then, in defense of little kids, big kids and English people everywhere, you find yourself screaming

By golly gosh NO!

Tea parties are ours. We reject the hostile take-over of the term and reclaim them for all of those who like a civilized conversation with friends over a nice cup of rosie lee.

Tea parties are a big thing in our house right now. Saturday’s was in the shade of the chicken coop, with the three little chicks who’ve just made their move out to the Palais de Poule this weekend, and of course Perry Parrot, Green Poodle and Elmo. Today just the stuffed toys had to dress up, but sometimes we all do, fancy shoes, dresses etc. Such easy entertainment. I think this is Bean’s English heritage exerting itself.

Afternoon tea for four.



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2 responses to “Tea Parties are It!

  1. KC

    I love it! And why shouldn’t she love tea parties? There are so many great teas out there to drink. And so many stuffed animals to drink it with. She’s a cutie pie by the way!

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