Help A Mother Out

I’m sick as a dog. Have spent most all of the day in bed. It feels like food poisoning. Then, just when I’m feeling sorry for myself I get an email from someone at a local agency looking for diapers for a 17th month old. Yep, my life is pretty cushy.

The agency is one of the distribution sites for the Diaper Bank, but they think the Diaper Bank is out of the right size. This is an ongoing problem. People think of the little, weenie, intsy, diapers when they donate, but often the ones in greatest need are the larger sizes. But what should I do, right now? I could purchase a pack here and hope it gets to this individual, or when I can move more than 20 feet away from the bathroom just go to Target and buy a pack and drop it off with the agency. It would help for about a week. Really, I need to shake a tail feather and get my act in gear for the Learn-to-Knit Party. If I could raise a bunch of money then the Diaper Bank could buy the requested sizes in bulk. The idea of this little boy, whose family is truly struggling right now, without a clean diaper and no prospect of one is horrifying. I don’t give a rats ass how the family came to be in that situation, all I care about is that little boy and the hundreds like him in this city. This situation is so wrong. Won’t you help a mother out?


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