A flibbertijibbet! A will-o’-the wisp! A clown!

Doe a deer, a female deer, Ray a drop...

Bean loves all things Sound of Music. Her first clear, long stretch of speech was actually singing Doe a Deer at about 2 .5 years old when we were in Salzburg. At that point she hadn’t seen the movie, but we’d subjected her to some of the music. I think that was also the point at which I stopped worrying about her speech, and began to come to terms with the idea that Bean will not be supporting us in our old age with royalties from her vocal music career. Lets just say she takes after both of us with her musical tone. Anyway, given her love of Sound of Music it is no surprise that one of the hens is called Maria. You know, after Dodo and Fluffy which are the names for the majority of stuffed toys in the hosue. Meet Maria:


She is a spectacular Ameraucana hen complete with a beard, ahhhh Maria my bearded lady.

Now that adoption home study. Where am I on that?


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