Prickly Topics

I know, I know. So much for online challenges. In my defense, I’ve sent the fingerprints off so we can be thoroughly investigated by the authorities. Green has gone through a medical, I’m putting mine off until I magically lose this candy weight (three years out I can’t call it pregnancy weight), and the autobiography for the home-study has languished under other papers taunting me with its obscure questions.

Tonight, however, might have been the watershed. Debating over whether to watch another Lost episode, or go to sleep I suggested that we take 15 minutes to attack one of the topics in the autobiography.  Green picked Growing Up/School which had such thrilling prompts as: School Life – What were your favorite subjects? What kind of student were you? And the topic: Peer Relationships. Most rewarding and most disappointing.  I mean, I get it. Our childhood experiences are what form part of our image of childhood and expectations for our own children, but honestly it was a long bloody time ago and what was true then, isn’t now. Ex. While I hated history in 8th grade and never picked up another history like text until college and then only under duress, I’m quite into the topic now. Is the fact that we were both science geeks going to count against us?  Or that I clearly prioritized social interaction over study while Bean just tried to skate under the radar and didn’t really come into his own until college, have an impact? What is interesting, not particularly to an adoption agency, but to me, is that both Bean and I described ourselves as just okay students in the K-12 classroom and about average. The man has a bloody doctorate in astrophysics. Oh yeah, he was just your average student (sarcasm intended). Apparently, he was your average student that didn’t particularly care for school and only really got into it in college when it was accompanied by beer. Anyway, I now have two typed pages of drivel for this prompt, to make something coherent statement out of. Hopefully, we can keep up this and get through more of the prompts in the next week.

For your perusing pleasure, the prompts. Please feel free to address.

Growing Up/School

School life. What were your favorite subjects? What type of student were you?
Most and least enjoyable aspects of your education.

Activities involved in related to school

Problems or Concerns during childhood and teenage years.

What made you happy/sad

Describe higher education experiences, degrees earned, areas of speciality



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4 responses to “Prickly Topics

  1. lia

    Hello. I click on your comment over at Soule Mama and noticed that you live in Tucson too. I hope you have a wonderful mothers day.

  2. Betsey

    it seems like doing this statement is nearly impossible without trying to meta-game the outcome. my condolences on that, meta-gaming isn’t a lot of fun in such an important endeavor!

  3. This was a painful process for Greg, as he’s a pretty private person. His responses here quite concise. I’m quite verbose so I made up for his miniscule responses.

    In the end, we got through it all just fine and they had very few clarification questions during our in-person interviews (individual interviews and then interviews as a couple).

    Just keep plugging away. You’ll get through all the hoops just fine.

    And stop worrying about your “candy” weight. It bothers you, it won’t even be an issue during the adoption process. Trust me, if I can pass a medical screening to adopt, then anyone can!

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