Lota the Panther Woman

Honestly, I hate horror flicks. Hate them! However, this upcoming Thursday you’ll catch me watching Island of the Lost Souls and joining Lota the Panther Woman at Cinema La Placita (or at least burying my head in between packages of diapers to muffle my whimpering) to raise diapers for the Diaper Bank of S. Arizona.

Island of the Lost Souls has the whole sci fi twist thing going on and of course was made in the 1930’s making it suitably campy. With thanks to Cinema La Placita we’re hosting a Diaper Drive there. Pick up a pack of diapers and come on down to Cinema La Placita and donate them in the Help A Mother Out Diaper Drive for the Diaper Bank of Southern Arizona.

My friend Erika who is one of the geniuses behind Cinema La Placita puts it rather well:

Pick up some diapers (or Depends or female sanitary products) to donate, ’cause these items, while expensive, AREN’T covered by ANY assistance program. Not WIC, not welfare, not AHCCCS, nothin’! Imagine having to clean out your baby’s diaper and reuse it! Yuck? You bet! But it happens. So, come on down and Help a Mother Out!



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2 responses to “Lota the Panther Woman

  1. Amy A.

    OY – It’s just campy, not scary, Rachel! I will hold your hand! Got two packs of #4 diapers ready to roll!

    • Amy, your comment ended up in the spam folder for some reason?! Yeah, it was actually rather good I thought. I only closed my eyes for a little bit.

      Thanks for the diapers. The trunk of the car is now full of diapers. Got to go to the Diaper Bank and drop off.

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