While I’d like to blame Palin…

…and I can for this horrible mess,

she isn’t alone and her colleagues on the Republican side aren’t alone. The politicians and the oil barons are all to blame, but frankly no less than us. You and me. That’s right. We are no less to blame than the companies and politicians who have met our ever growing demand for cheap, disposable oil and oil products. In saying that, I’m quite happy to see the leak plugged with the likes of Palin, Bush, Beck, Limbaugh and Cheney, but I also want to figure out a way to consistently lower the demand that we exert on the oil market that results in shoddy and risky systems to give us what we think we want.

With that I’m turning off the computer, lights and turning down the swamp cooler while I go outside. It isn’t even a drop in the bucket, Until I figure out what is, it’ll have to do.


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