Dear Arizona Voters,

Please don’t vote for this pillock.  Really.

Oh, and kudos to Tempe’s Corona del Sol High School reporter Keith Wagner. I wonder what Huppenthal’s response is to this.



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2 responses to “Dear Arizona Voters,

  1. Amazing video.
    Hupenthal is and always has been, a tool.

    I voted yes on 100, but I’m not confident at all that the money will find it’s way to education. We are really disillusioned with Arizona lately; if our house was in a financial position where it made sense to sell, we’d most likely be out of here. I’m big on public schools, but I don’t see us sending Sabrina to one in AZ.

    • Oh, I hear you Bobby. The political environment and its impact on our community here in AZ is completely miserable. I’m a former public school teacher and in another position I held I went into many of schools in Tucson. I’ve seen some fabulous teachers and teaching, but it can’t sustain with an increasingly underfunded system and complete lack of commitment on the part of the tax payers and legislature.

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