TucsonMama Hefe by Green

A certain friend of mine, who will remain nameless totally identified given her publicly declared love of beer, will be pleased to hear that the Hefeweizen is ready and, even I will admit, pretty damn good.

A few weeks ago, Green fired up the ol’ brew stand
(photo take a few years ago)

and got to brewing the fav type of beer of our dear friend, a hefeweizen like the one he made for her and her sweetie’s wedding six years ago.

Mashing in the grain
Hefe in the making

giving it a good bloody stir
Stirring the Hefe

Fast forward two and half weeks and you have a perfect glass of cloudy (yes it is supposed to be this way) banana scented nectar.

Julie's Hefeweizen

Bottoms up.



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12 responses to “TucsonMama Hefe by Green

  1. YUMMY! Inviting myself over sometime soon…I will bring Trader Joe’s snacks to share. šŸ™‚

  2. Mmm I love a good Hefe with a lemon slice.

  3. KC

    How cool! We’ve been thinking about brewing our own beer for a while now.

  4. Hey! How fun!!!!
    The wedding hefe was so yummy, and so special….
    And I am looking forward to TucsonMamaHefeweizen or whatever it will be called.
    Thank you Green and Tepary!!!!!
    And did I know that Green didn’t like lemon with his hefeweizen? Rather, did I know that before I nodded my enthusiastic approval of him as your boyfriend all those years ago? Hmmmm

  5. littlehousesouthernprairie

    this is hardcore. impressive. and love the pictures.

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