A Little Piece of Good Ol’ BlogLove

Friday seems to be the day my Google Reader Feed  is busting with blogs sharing other cool sites. I like it. I like the introductions to other lives, other views. At work I’ve started hooking the kids (maa maa),  aka college students, up with interesting tidbits I think they’ll like via my work Facebook and Twitter feeds, so it isn’t all,

Get your butt in here, before you a.) DQ your own a*se out of here or b.) study  and worry so much you can’t think straight.”

(Yeah, I’m so not mean like that. It is more, “Tomorrow is the last day to drop a class before that B/C/D/F or W will stay on your transcript for ever and evah and evvvaaaah. Please stop by and talk to me before  you make any rash decisions.”  )

So, occasionally I share cool sciencey links,  revealing my inner science geek and bonding with them over science.  Why not here? Okay, maybe not all science all the time, but a few links I’m lovin’ this week and hope you’ll share the blog love. I do have an agenda:

1. A local AZ blog. While blogs give me insights in lives all over the world, I must admit I’m intrigued by the places where there appear to be lots of bloggers, especially parenting blogs, and how they seem so connected. I know there must be folks in Tucson and the rest of Arizona blogging. I thought I’d share a few the ones I know and like. If you have suggestions, let me know. Perhaps we can start connecting?

2. An adoption blog post that is hitting where I’m at.  Is really making me think about this adoption thing in a new way, or is just plain cool.

3. A blog post from this week that really made me think, or laugh, or coo. Basically miscellaneous blog post. Could be science, politics, cute cuddly stuff like today’s…

I’m not going to promise any regular appearance, maybe try for Thursday. (Yeah, I know it is Friday today, but I was thinking about it yesterday) Oh and my cutesy title:  Blight of the Blogs,  hmmmm, too negative, Queen of My Blogdom  no, too feudalistic and superior. How about some good ol’ blog love. Yeah, that’s it. I here by present this week’s BlogLove. Well, until I can think of something better.


1.  The Local (AZ) Blog – My Craft Evolution She crafts, she parents, she buys the same fabric as me, but actually has her crap together enough to produce something with it. The best bit though? Lia is here in Tucson. I have this sneaking suspicion that we should know one another, or perhaps know people in common. Of course, that wouldn’t be difficult in this big little city.

2. Adoption Blog  – Statistically Impossible I’m particularly digging this post from I am. Yes, he posted it a month ago, but I just found his blog. This post along with the mama collectively pulled my head out of my nether regions and got me thinking again.

3. Miscellaneous BlogLove  – Mila’s Daydreams This is a simple, but oh so clever idea. A Finnish mother explores her vision of her new baby’s dreamworld. Those Scandinavians! They are so good at the simple, elegant idea thing.  Personally, there was no way I was thinking this coherently during the fourth tri. Hell, I’m still not thinking that clearly. Check out this earlier photo post and try not coo.

So what do you think? Wanna share some Bloglove too?



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11 responses to “A Little Piece of Good Ol’ BlogLove

  1. That Scandinavian woman is amazing. I never would have thought of that. Or had enough creativity to take more than one photo. Thanks for posting!

    • While O. is out of the newborn, newborn stage, I think you could still could get away with subjecting him to the humiliation such fabulous pictures. Go on, I’d love to see your take on this with that gorgeous child.

  2. Wonderful idea; a little themed blog love. As an Arizona parent and blogger who loves to geek out, I will definitely check out your links.

    Thanks for sharing!

    • Ahhhh, my fellow AZ insect lover. I’m excited to see you here, in part so I can beg strongly encourage you for more posts. I always smile when I see your posts in my reader. I hope to do you right with this posts with a good science link now and again that you might not have already found. Look forward to seeing your links.

  3. Love that you’re interested in AZ bloggers. I’m at http://agrigirl.wordpress.com and I’ll happily pass along a few others that I’ve come across.

  4. I thought I would suggest a couple blogs. I have fell behind on ours since the baby arrived uhh 7.5 months ago. However THOSE TWO DADDIES, and OUR JOURNEY TO SURROGACY IN INDIA (Blaze’s story)
    Love them both and are both locals in the East Valley (Phoenix)
    Love your idea.

  5. I have stolen “Bloglove.” Well, perhaps borrowed and given due credit is a better way of putting it. I’m enjoying your blog. Thanks for the link. I’m glad my ramblings actually served a purpose. You’ve been re-linked here:
    Just in case you were curious.

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