A Whole Week!

Last week was my first time away from Bean for more than thirty hours, ever. The only other long period of time was approximately fifteen hours when I was in the emergency room.

Bean and Green took off to Nebraska to visit Grandma and Grandpa for a whole week.

I survived.

She had an absolute blast.

I think she missed me a little bit, but she certainly wasn’t sobbing at night for her mama. This, of course, made me question what kind of mother I must be. Alright, she was in a favorite place being spoiled terribly by some of her favorite people. It is hard to miss your mama when you’re busy with grandparents, cousins, aunts and uncles. And there is that whole ‘the two best gifts you can give your children are roots and wings’ bit too. Maybe we’re just doing the wings bit really well? Still, I got a fabulous hug and kisses when I picked Green and Bean up from the airport. Maybe she missed me a smidgen.

From her trip:

Fishing with Grandpa and Uncle Harold

She actually caught 4 or 5

The Land Shark (aka Green’s first love the 75 Monte Carlo Landau) which is coming home in the fall


Visiting Smith Falls

Actually, while I missed Green and Bean terribly and I didn’t get half what I planned done, I had a fair bit of fun. Bookclub, a couple of evenings of fine company and good food, stitch and bitch and a whole Saturday with my friend Melissa (an awesome photographer) showing me how to use a macro lens. Plus the chickens kept me company.



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One response to “A Whole Week!

  1. Congratulations on making it the whole week, my dear! I pick Sam up in t-minus 7 minutes!!

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