Gone Fishing

Guess where we’re at?
We’re in a place where you need wellies


Where it is green all year long.


Where you can pick lovely blackcurrants and make jam (before you start thinking that I’m a domestic diva, please note I only pick currants and occasionally stir pots and eat jam.)

Annalee River Blackcurrant Jam

We’re visiting Granny and Granddad N.


And we’re going fishing…


Of course, some of us have already caught fish!


So do you know where we’re at? Huh?

Don’t worry, our housesitters have serious 4H Ag backgrounds. The chickens, cats and dogs will be just fine.



Filed under Explorations beyond Southern Arizona, Grandparents & Parents

4 responses to “Gone Fishing

  1. Oh, it looks like you are having a jolly good time!

  2. i want to be where you are. trade ya?

  3. Mum

    And the fish tasted great

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