BlogLove II

I know, only one post in between, but who really cares if I post once a week or once a month? I don’t think you sit on the edge of your chairs waiting with baited breath. Alright mum, maybe you do, but we’re with you right now so that doesn’t count.

Before we hit the BlogLove, I want to show you that not only did I stir the pot, but I also wrote the labels

Forget domestic diva, I’m a domestic goddess. Those of you who know my home can now get off the floor and stop laughing. It isn’t that funny.

I’m not just sitting on my arse and eating digestives, homemade pie and the like I actually accompanied my mum for a 6 mile walk this morning. She does this twice a bloody day. No wonder she is in great shape. Anyway, we got the pretty horse picture in.


BlogLove I
It was great to find out one of my favorite Arizona bloggers actually checks in here occasionally. Kimberly of Arizona Writer left a comment. I also really appreciated Chantelle and Cyndi leaving a couple of names of blogs to check out and I am of Statistically Impossible taking the BlogLove idea and sharing it along on his blog. Please feel free to share some of the blogs you love, be they local to you, adoption or something that fits in that weeks type of miscellaneous category or if like commenter Tammy of agrigirl you fall into those groups yourself, introduce yourself. I’m planning on adding a page just for Arizona Blogs that I dig.

Alright, this week’s BlogLove or BlogLove II
1. The Local (AZ) Blog
This weeks Local AZ Blog is a shout out to TucsonMama. I must share that I’m TucsonMama’s sidekick and so I very occasionally post on there, but not enough not to share this. TucsonMama is a great resource for Tucson parents. Obviously, I also like her bent on life, the stories and the articles she picks out to read too. If you haven’t checked it out already you should.

2. Adoption Blog
Whether you’ve ever given a second thought to adoption or not, please go check out The Chronicles of Munchkin Land this week. The Chronicles are written by a mother of three children, including her daughter who she placed for adoption. It isn’t always easy reading, but it always strikes me as honest and I like that. As a potential adoptive parent reading insights from those who have placed children for adoption, as well as people who are adopted is important. The post I link to above is about the absolutely disgusting behavior of the Adoption Network Legal Center. They’re not an official agency, but some other form of adoption industry. The Chronicles really highlight why we, we as a country, need national adoption reform. I need to write more that this, but not today.

3. Miscellaneous BlogLove

This might be a little intense for some, but Skeptical Science is an awesome resource for both understanding climate change and larger critical nature of science issues. It floats my boat anyway, although I actually have to pay attention as I read it. They had a great guest post recently about the importance of the peer review method. Sigh. Science geekdom.



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5 responses to “BlogLove II

  1. littlehousesouthernprairie


  2. Thanks! And I’m trying to check in more than occasionally; I’m just flaky sometimes. I love the blogs you include.

  3. Awww! Thanks for the shoutout, darlin’!!!

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