Every vacation/weekend/workday I come up with an impossible list of tasks I want to achieve. It really is folly. I will always fail if my list is that long, but still I do it. This vacation I’ve been modest in my goals. Relatively:
One craft item (a hat)
One book (No Touch Monkey)
One audio book (Little Bee)
One work item (it has since expanded, but not much)
One personal task (finishing the adoption autobiography)
One walk a day

I’ve walked. I’ve knitted a little. I’ve read a little. I’ve done a little work stuff, but not the task I set for myself. I haven’t done crap as far as the autobiography which is the item I really want to complete. However, we’re having fun and after all this is vacation.
Maybe I’m not supposed to have long to do lists?
Maybe it is okay to make the long list and ignore it.

Going to go out and play ball with the girl, the dog, and the granny now. Perhaps, a little walk with a view to picking some wild blackberries. Sounds much better than that list eh?




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2 responses to “Folly

  1. Loving the photos of your ” grand holiday.” What a contrast from your usual climes!

    What do you think of “Little Bee”?

  2. Yea for vacation and no to-do lists. (I never stay to mine anyway.) Love the photos.

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