Bloglove III

Dear God, two weeks in a row and I’m actually on top of this. Alright, I admit I almost forgot today, but I have an excuse! We’re in the Netherlands visiting the fabulous Fishboy, J.and Baby A.

Tonight J and I have been biking and drinking. It was lovely. Pictures to follow of the Netherlands. Right now? Bloglove III.

1. In the category numero uno, Local Arizona Blog, I present to you Little Homestead in the Desert by Kappachi.

Kappachi and I met in SAS fabrics down on Speedway. We were both digging through the jumbled boxes of scraps to find the cool stuff. Luckily, she had the beautiful baby Sofia with her so I didn’t attempt to wrestle her to the ground for that decent piece of Amy Butler, or whatever it was that she had in her hands. We got talking, as you do, and the rest is history. I’ve been enjoying insights into her life ever since. I must admit, I’m a wee bit intimidated by her suburban homesteading prowess! I’m not sure I could go all out like Kappachi does, but I am impressed and like to take some inspiration. Check out these homemade corn tortillas, I think even I could manage that.

2. Adoption Blog This Woman’s Work
Dawn stopped by early on here and shared words of great wisdom. Dawn and her husband have two children Noah and Maddie. Maddie was brought into their family through an open, domestic adoption. Dawn writes about their family’s experience as well as larger adoption issues. She doesn’t shy away from uncomfortable topics. She is also the owner and operator of Open Adoption Support, a social networking site for families and individuals who support openness in adoption.

3. Miscellaneous BlogLove
I did mention there might be a strong bent toward science in this category, right? Check this out, Not So Humble Pie does a Science Cookie Roundup every so often. I want science cookies. Actually, I’m not fussy. I’ll eat pretty much any cookies, but these do look mighty tasty. Not so Humble Pie is a biological anthropologist which is enough to give me an instant crush on her.



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6 responses to “Bloglove III

  1. Nice roundup again! Those science cookies? Awesome!

  2. KC

    Thanks for the publicity. I enjoy reading your blog as well! I haven’t found any good fabric at SAS since that day…

  3. Sonchia

    HOLY SMOKES. How am I just now learning about this? Science cookies? Heaven.

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