Windmills, Cheese, Biking and Beer


We just returned from a spectacular few days visiting our dear friends, J., A., and M. who now live in Netherlands. (Yes, I just like writing out their initials to spell jam. What of it?) I’m not totally convinced on the flat landscape, but the bicycling absolutely everywhere is fabulous. I am also swooning over terrific cheese. The Dutch have won me over with apparent culture of politeness and rules, but one that allows an exception to the rule and are, above all things, practical.

Bikes o'Leiden

Prior to this visit I’d only visited the Netherlands once before and then just to Amsterdam. No, it wasn’t that kind of trip. I went with my mum for a weekend and did some super-duper intellectual/cultural things much better suited for doing with one’s mother than one’s 3.5 year old. This time I learned a bunch more about current Dutch society which I’m dying to share:

1. The Dutch are freakishly tall.
Current proposals as to why they are giants include the sheer quantity of dairy consumed along side constant bike riding and the need to keep their heads above water in a land that is below sea level.

2. They can make goats cheese seem like the smoothest, most sublime thing ever.

3. They appear to be some of the politest, but most laid back folks and no, their pupils were not dilated.

4. There are a crap load of canals in the Netherlands.


Tomorrow, I’ll share more about the pilgrimage. Why yes, there was a pilgrimage. Until then, to good friends. Proost!



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4 responses to “Windmills, Cheese, Biking and Beer

  1. oh man…i have always wanted to visit the netherlands…in fact, i don’t think I would ever come back….now that you mention the cheese..mmm…

  2. Love the shot of the curly haired “boys”! 🙂 Did you bring back some cheese to share with your closest friends (in particular, me)?! 🙂

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