A Pilgrimage

As promised, story of our pilgrimage to Utrecht, Netherlands.

Now before you start worrying or praising that I’ve found religion, I must assure you I haven’t. Reason, logic and basic secular humanism are still the order of the day.

We went to see the Bush Memorial:

Bush Memorial in Utrecht

Okay, maybe that wasn’t our plan, but the stencil graffiti was opposite our destination.

A little background though first: When I was but knee-high to a grasshopper my dad went on a trip to Arizona. Each night while he was gone my mum played tapes of him reading Dick Bruna’s Miffy stories. Listening to my father’s voice over magnetic tape is one of my earliest memories. I loved Miffy.


Bean has been subjected to the same Miffy books that I loved. I know the rhythm appears somewhat awkward until you get use to it. I know some criticize the simple graphics, but small children love them and I still love them. I think children’s authors and illustrators get a really raw deal. I believe quality children’s books are critical to a lifelong love of reading.

The town of Utrecht is home to the Dick Bruna House. Given we were so close, just a short train trip away…
Why not stop by?



The house is relatively small, simple and beautiful, but very small kid friendly.


Miffy House

Bruna’s graphic design and book cover work is also on display.  I had hoped that they would have prints of some of the grown-up book covers, but no such luck. Still a fabulous display and a successful pilgrimage. I present to you a very happy me albeit a little bedraggled.




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5 responses to “A Pilgrimage

  1. KC

    How neat. Can you find these books at a normal bookstore? I would love to go to the Netherlands one day.

  2. What a neat tour, especially given the memories from your dad!

    Thanks for sharing the pics. 🙂

  3. Rachel F

    Miffy! I can’t believe, but I had totally forgotten about these books. I even recently misidentified one of Hello Kitty’s sidekicks as Miffy. Will be searching for these asap.

    • Rachel, Bruna would be so disappointed at the misidentification of Miffy for a Hello Kitty sidekick. Hello Kitty is a total rip off of Miffy. Go do penance by reading Miffy in the Garden or Miffy by the Seaside or…well you get the idea.

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