BlogLove IV

T.I.R.E.D. So tired. Twenty five hours of traveling with a 3.5 year old who doesn’t go to sleep easily on a plane is not my idea of a good time, nor is the way to recover to go into work then next day, albeit at noon, after said child woke at 1am and stayed awake until 9:30am. This morning she woke around 3am.

Given my lack of sleep it is with no further ado I present BlogLove IV –

1. Local Arizona Blog Blog for Arizona is a great political blog that takes a long hard look at all sorts of political antics in Arizona and they have lots to look at. I’m not sure I always agree, but to answer a comment that ended up in the spam filter, something along the lines “Admit it, you voted for Obama”, more evidence that I am a left wing liberal whose politics is way to the left of Obama. Yes, I voted for him, but if it was between him and Raul Grijalva I’d be voting for Raul.

2. Adoption Blog – Those Two Daddies. Bobby is fraking hilarious. The blog documents the path traveled by Bobby and his partner Greg in the adoption and now parenting of their daughter, the very lovely Sabrina. Many blogs, especially adoption blogs, make multiple references to their faith and belief in a supernatural higher being, it can be a little daunting for the humanist/atheists among us, we are in the minority. Bobby’s blog lets me know you can have humor, political savvy, atheism, and be part of a same-sex couple while adopting and parenting in what may be one of the most right wing areas of the country. I’m planning on inviting myself over when we make it up to the Phoenix area. I’ll bring chocolate and wine Bobby!

3. Miscellaneous Blog – Science-Based Parenting
As referred to in the adoption blog category, being an atheist mama who blogs can feel a little isolating. The secular humanism view of the world does impact my parenting and yet I feel hesitant to mention it out in public. I can still hear the involuntary gasp of horror echoing when I responded that we were both atheists to a question at a baby shower about religious leanings. There are a few (emphasis on few) blogs out there actively addressing the atheist, secular humanist, science geek parents audience. I dig Science-based parenting. Check out this old post.



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4 responses to “BlogLove IV

  1. Thanks for the shout out! Wine + Chocolate…Mmmmmm….

    • Anytime Bobby. 🙂

      I’m getting a stream of spammy emails about my political leanings right now. Do you ever get this? I presume because I listed Blog for Arizona on my site. Just for those spammers, let me categorically state that while I may disagree with President Obama on some things, I agree on many and I’d rather have him in office than President Bush any day. I’m not going to address this issue again.

      I also got an email that was much more gentler in tone about how I find my moral compass without a god, well they said God. I might actually address that. And another in person question about how secular humanism affects my parenting which I may also address at some point here.

  2. I love the moral compass issue. As if we wouldn’t be able to tell right from wrong without a god. It seems to me that most non-believers are peaceniks while the religious ones are advocating for violence by, say, flying planes into buildings.

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