.: ‘Wandering Wednesday’ A Photo Challenge! :.

The Gardenmama hosts The Wandering Wednesday photo challenge. This challenges me to look down and see where my feet are stepping, and to root myself to the earth below.

Mesquite Pods

Here I stand among mesquite pods, loving the crackle as I plant my foot firmly onto the cream gold bean. That crisp snap – my favorite sound of summer next to the cicada hum.
How many buckets of mesquite pods would need to be ground to satisfy my mesquite waffle love? I’m not sure we have that many buckets. I remember now the boyfriend who scoffed at those who hand-milled the mesquite pods to flour. I laughed lightly as if in agreement. Today, I envy the hand-millers’ strength of conviction that they demand the time in their life to love the mesquite pod.

Mesquite pods of all kinds are strewn across Tucson streets and yards right now. A resource right there for capture, and yet for the most part we let it slip away. There are those that take the time though. Check out the Desert Harvester site. So very cool. Not surprisingly Desert Harvesters are based in the Dunbar Springs neighborhood of Tucson.

A few years back we took part in a fabulous fest, a going away party for our friends. There was a competition, two fine chefs battling for the title of Iron Chef of Tucson. Well at least Iron Chef of the Astronomy gang. The secret ingredient, pork. It was incredible. One of the many dishes? Mesquite waffles with maple pecan ice cream and bacon. They were exquisite.




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12 responses to “.: ‘Wandering Wednesday’ A Photo Challenge! :.

  1. Such a beautiful photo! (And those are the best shoes ever – I have a pair just like them!)

  2. Hmmm…you’re makin’ this vegetarian hungry for bacon!

    Love the photo. Great colors! And I’ve got those sandals too. Purchased them for our trip to Bali several years ago and they’ve held up so well over many, many miles on several continents.

  3. Wow! What a fabulous photo! Thank you for sharing where you have wandered! I have never heard of this type of tree or what you can create with it – love this!

    • Thanks GardenMama. Mesquite is found throughout the Southwest USA and beyond. The furniture of this stuff is amazing, incredibly beautiful, although I imagine hard to work with, all twists and such. We have some local varieties and some invasive sort. Ovens fired mesquite give a fabulous smoky taste, like the bean. Thanks for stopping by!

  4. Now I’ve had to go and google ‘mesquite pods’ to find out all about them because that last photo is making me hungry!!! 🙂

  5. Wow that looks good! Wonder where you can buy mesquite flour? Those pods are all over the place in the Phoenix area too; I step on them whenever I can. My theory is it makes it easier for the birds to find something to eat. But now I see they just collect them for pancakes.

    Also, unlike other commentors, I do not have those shoes.

    • I had a little look. You can buy it online at Native Seed Search (based here in Tucson), Tienda, and Casa de Fruta, but I think that it is all from Peru, which seems to defeat the purpose really. The Desert Harvesters do milling up in Phoenix too I think. Funnily, as I was looking up Tucson and mesquite flour on Google I came across a blog from 2007 called Tucsonivores. Unlike The Dragonfly Woman which took me, um, a while to work out, recognizing the Tucsonivores as our friends was instant. I remember when they were doing their 100 mile radius eating experiment, but didn’t know about the blog. Tucsonivores has a bunch of information about Mesquite cooking and milling. I rather wish they were still blogging. Chris? Marci?

  6. I love that photo!

    I have never heard of mesquite. No, that’s not true, I’ve heard the word, as in ‘mesquite-smoked blah-blah-blah’. But I had no idea what it meant. I suppose this is because I have never really been to the desert. But as I am all for local eating, I think I would have to sample some of I were in your (fabulous) shoes.

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