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Admit it, you didn’t think I could keep it up did you? Alright, maybe you had faith, but I did not. I’m not sure that I have enough blogs in my reader to keep going for a terribly long time. I’d love to hear from any one who actually reads my drivel. What are your favorite local blogs? Adoption blogs? Science blogs?

For BlogLove V in the category of local Arizona blog, I present to you Arizona Writer. Now this is someone who actually makes a living writing about science, nature and travel.
Kimberly, please don’t cringe too much as you read my blog. I was never taught how to diagram a sentence, and I get mixed up about adverbs and adjectives. Apparently, I’m too lazy to learn now.
In Kimberly’s blog she writes about nature and family and it makes me laugh, or smile, or sometimes just nod and sympathize. There are some pretty spiffy photographs on her site too, although I’m kind of digging the pencil and paper images. She is funny, irreverent and she doesn’t post enough, or maybe she posts enough that I’m always really pleased to see her posts.

Adoption Blog – The first adoption blog I really read, and then read again and again, and again was Peter’s Cross Station.
I interacted with Shannon a little (my guess is she has no idea who I am) within an online community a few years back. She was blogging here then. This site and the still earlier Waiting for Nat blog are great mines of information to get you thinking about what families look like, adoption, transracial adoption. She is sharp, she is insightful and she has her head screwed on right. When it comes to issues of ethics in adoption it is Shannon and several of the others mentioned previously in this spot that get me thinking. Most importantly though, Shannon and her partner Cole are moms to the very lovely, Nat and Selina.

Have you ever stumbled across someone’s blog and thought, ‘Hmmmm this sounds familiar? Wait! This is so and so.’ Well, the blogger in this week’s BlogLove Miscellaneous Category, is The Dragonfly Woman aka my awesome aquatic entomology TA. I didn’t know it was her until I hit the About page. The Dragonfly Woman shares her obsession with insects in a way that is relevant and accessible. A better read than my old ento texts, nicer pictures too, you don’t have to be a scientist to appreciate this blog, just willing to fall deeply and passionately in love with insects. Okay, maybe not deeply and passionately, but at least harbor some reverence for our animal cousins of the insect variety. Check out this post about click beetles, unless you’re more into reading about entomophagy.

Share some of your favs in the comments would you?



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5 responses to “BlogLove V

  1. Thank you! I’m honored. Here’s a secret: I never really cared about diagramming sentences. I’m a little touchier about adverbs vs. adjectives, but you seem to have it mostly down. 🙂

    Actually, that’s sort of the topic of my next goofy post, with drawn pictures (computer drawn, not pencil — sorry). Also, you’re totally right; I should post more. I’m so happy you read it.

    Also, very interesting adoption blog, and hooray for dragonflies!!! (That’s me, a punctuation stickler, putting three exclamation marks, so you know it’s sincere.) That’s actually the topic of one of my next next posts. In fact, my most recent post tangentially mentions my desire to write about the human-insect relationship over the years.

    I digress. As always.

    So, yeah, thanks. For the blog love, and for turning me on to other cool blogs. You rock.

    • Kimberly,
      If only it was just diagramming sentences, adverbs and adjectives I should be concerned about, but I’m afraid the situation is much more dire than that.

      Jan and Kimberly, I’m pleased someone appreciates the science related blogs enough to forgo their usual restraint with exclamation points. Thanks for checking in.

  2. Jan

    I enjoy these quirky science links. I’m not a science person, but other than the climate change (over my head) they’re all at my level. I did click on entomophagy as I had no idea what that was.

    • Jan,
      At the local Korean corner store you can find cans of silkworm larvae (Bundigie). Soaked lime, makes a nice addition to salsa. Just saying, in case you wanted to try a little conscious entomophagy.

  3. i’ll read your dribble….

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