Football, War and Another Type of Hero

Some things about me:
1. While attending my Pac-10 alma mater I went to exactly 1.5 football (American football) games.

2. Super Bowl party 2003 is the ‘official’ start of the relationship between Green and I. I didn’t watch the game, I was doing jello shots outside on the porch looking out over a great view of Tucson. We have held multiple Super Bowl parties since. I never watch the game.

3. I opposed the use of military force in Afghanistan and Iraq.

4. I do not believe that opposition to the war constitutes opposition to individuals who are part of the armed forces, nor is it somehow less patriotic than jingoistic rallying behind every military action.

With that said, or perhaps because of that, I’m going to go watch The Tillman Story as soon as it makes it to Tucson. It opened yesterday in LA and NY. It best bloody make it to Tucson.

This movie isn’t going to change my mind about American football, nor I expect about the ongoing war, but the initial description and reviews are giving my prejudices about football players a healthy kick up the ass. I’m ashamed to say that my prejudices about football players meant I just turned off as soon as talk about Pat Tillman was on the radio or in the papers. I remember when he joined up. I remember the news when he was reported killed and as with all deaths felt sorrow for his family. I remember when it was revealed that it was ‘friendly fire’. I hadn’t paid attention beyond that and I’m deeply ashamed of that.

Any Tucson folks up to coming to see it with me when it makes it here?



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5 responses to “Football, War and Another Type of Hero

  1. Mum

    Have you read Nick Hornby’s ‘Fever Pitch’? It is an easy read and is a narrative about English football rather than American. But it explained for me (for the first time), the link between football and identity. Not a query I had ever had with the Hughes family, but was certainly something which has helped to explain the Jones family – although not my particular Jones family member! The game becomes part of yourself – who you are etc.

  2. Good for you, owning your nuanced, conflicted feelings and having an open mind. I’d join you if I lived in Tucson.

    It actually does look quite compelling; I’d like to see it too.

    I identify with you completely on your #s 1, 3, and 4. I went to one game ever while I was at ASU. It was super boring. When I had to go to campus to take a final and the traffic was a nightmare, I just griped later without thinking about it, everyone in the state at Sun Devil Stadium. My husband and his friend just about lost their minds — apparently there was some BIG TIME game going on. Shows what I know.

    • Pleased to know that #2 wasn’t you too, otherwise I’d be having words with that man. There was another woman there that day he was interested in.
      Come on down and watch the movie with Amy and I in Tucson.

  3. Amy Anderson

    Count me in – I love football and yes, the early reviews say go! Let me know!

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