Have you seen this?

Powerful stuff. I’m not keen on Rodney Glassman, the guy running against McCain, but the McCain that gave the heartfelt concession speech back in 2008 has gone, and is replaced with something so much worse.

Oh Arizona, please don’t disappoint again this November.



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4 responses to “Have you seen this?

  1. That is awful, and disappointing. I was willing to give him the cake thing — bad timing, probably — but to vote against helping the victims time and time again … no. Not OK.

    His office actually helped my brother when he was having medical problems in the military. I used to think McCain was compassionate and wouldn’t let his compassion be tainted by politics, whatever I think of his other opinions. It seems like that’s not true. Very disappointing indeed.

    • I agree. I might have disagreed with McCain on a lot of things, but there was a sense of honor. You got the impression that he truly believed what he said.

      In the present climate where Republicans are trying to capture the tea party vote, they’re moving from the right to right off their tiny little rockers. Unfortunately, so far there have been few resistors to this trend. Kudos to Jim Kolbe for stepping up and backing a democrat because he thinks it is best for the state.

  2. I got my Glassman sticker this week and have it on my truck. I’m not expecting a win, but I’m gonna do my best.

    What really scares me is Jan Brewer. Especially after that debate. OMG.

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