BlogLove VI

I’m distracted. Or maybe just exhausted. I feel frustrated at how rushed we feel constantly and how little we seem to achieve outside the workplace. This week’s BlogLove is brought to you from those disjointed feelings.

In the category of Local Arizona Blog I present Dream Within Reach. The Dream Within Reach bloggers are three friends who share design love mainly, sprinkled with a little life, travel, friendship and science. They’re actually based in three states, Arizona, Colorado and California, but Arizona is obviously adored by the DWR group. I like the science love and well, listening in on a conversation between friends. I only know Rebecca in real life, but she is awesome and I have not so secret blog crushes on both Sonchia and Cathy.

Adoption BlogSee Theo Run
A Canadian woman who is part of an open adoption triad share her experiences in parenting. Often it is light, but there is a fair bit of meta happening there and it isn’t self indulgent, just honest.

Finally, in the miscellaneous category, I’ve got the photography blog love bug today. Caliber is focused on San Francisco and the surrounding cities. I like to stop by sometimes and see random photos. Any other suggestions for photo blogs?


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  1. Ahhh – I love you and your blog!

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