We escaped this week on our annual Flagstaff camping trip. Sweet times with good friends.

Cooler climes

Favorite single track

Finding fun in order (Dear God, who is this child and where did she get the order gene?)
My kid likes order

Mornings around a fire
Morning in camp

Afternoon Strolls
Afternoon stroll

Evening around the fire
Evening Fire

Back to work tomorrow.
Yeah, you’ll just have to imagine me with a less than happy face.



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8 responses to “Escape

  1. Fun! We skipped camping the last two years. But we should have gone this year. We usually head up to Show Low and camp at Fool’s Hollow Lake. Fun times.

  2. Ah, looking at these pics is bittersweet.

    I’m glad you guys enjoyed a relaxing weekend away in Flag, but I was a bit sad that we weren’t in those pic.

    I still have the ones from last year, with all of our kids sharing breakfast around the campfire and tromping through the woods looking for sticks and pine cones.

    We miss camping with you guys!

  3. Your camping trip looks and sounds ideal! How nice it would be to escape the desert and hike around the Flagstaff area, sit by the fire, line up our bowls, and sleep with chilly faces! We used to camp regularly but haven’t had the gumption yet to try it with Otto, but these pics have me thinking maybe we should before it gets too chilly up in the mountains!

    Beautiful pics. I’m super fond of the bowls all lined up. A very charming spin on order!

    • It was fabulous. You should definitely stop hesitating and pack up your camping gear and introduce Otto to the pleasures of camping. Our friend’s little boy is about Otto’s age and he, like our little one luuuuuuuuuuuuves camping.

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