Thank you

Thank you for the support shown following my last post. Balance is such an elusive thing. If I figure anything out, I promise to share. Right now I’m part-time for the next month and trying to not freak out at the decision.

On a completely different note, after seven months of inactivity we finally have a painted guestroom/office. Wahoo! We still have a floor to put down, curtains and a sofa bed to purchase. Any suggestions on the sofa bed. Colors? Sources? I’m tending toward a dark gray or a red?

Yolo Paints - Water .07



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9 responses to “Thank you

  1. Love the color, love it. I guess this means I have to say goodbye to our studio! 😉 I’m so excited for you on this new adventure. And I vote for gray because red gives color casts.

  2. Love the color
    Love bean in the corner
    Love the palm tree in the window.

    I am a fan of trundle beds.
    For sofa bed colors – dark grey and red are wonderful with this blue. I also like a sage green color (but is your other couch green in the living room?)

    This folds out to a full bed

    urban couch that folds down,&navCount=406&navAction=poppushpush&color=&pushId=A_FURN_FURNITURE&popId=A_DECORATE&prepushId=&selectedProductSize=

    • Ooo, sage green. The couch in the front room is brown. I really like the look of the UO couch, but the reviews aren’t great. The reviews for the Flex are really good, but I can’t convince Green. He is stuck on the Ektorp from Ikea, which I’m v. eh about, but that was in our apt. in Florence and the bed was much more comfortable than the actual Italian beds. I think the mattresses as well as the frames were probably several hundred years old though.

      • Jen

        Oh, interesting, so you have had a good experience with an Ikea couch? I always assumed they would be one of those “looks great in the photo, but 6 months later it’s worn out” kind of things. This opens up new possibilities as we are looking for a loveseat for a little area in our home.

        I love the new color of your room. To me it looks like robin’s egg blue, or maybe Tiffany’s blue — both favorites of mine.

  3. I am not so good at decorating, but I do love the colour. Wahoo, indeed! 🙂

  4. My vote is for a red couch! 🙂

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